Desperately seeking Billie Jean traffic cop

21 Apr

Mabuhay! Welcome to the Philippines!

Yes I have arrived and it is 35c, one of my least favorite temperatures. The air is thick with promise and humidity and I got over my minor freak out on the plane and am ridonkulously excited to have finally arrived after nearly 6 months of lead up.

It was an emotional few weeks of saying my see ya laters and goodbyes. I will miss Melbourne and eating whatever food I want, when I want, adding new words to my vocab weekly, talking shit, spooning and crisp morning yoga. But I’m here and I am ready to drink it in. Experiences like this always goes down smooth.

So we’ve checked into our hotel where we’re staying for 1 night. The yoga 4 have sussed out a class to take in the morning and on the agenda for this afternoon is yet more admin, getting a phone to go with my ayad sim, getting a micro sim to go with my iPhone and finding the Billie jean traffic cop and having a dance.

Miss you all already. Eat some haloumi cheese for me. I’m feeling a bit quesy from some questionable plane cheese and am not looking forward to a year without good Aussie dairy and questioning all the sauces used in every menu item

Til next time x KT






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