To market! To market!

11 May

But definitely not to buy a pig, fat or otherwise.

Friday is market day in Gubat, where instead of merchants selling produce from the farms, the farmers come and sell the fruits (and veggies) of their own labour. The result is beautiful, fresh produce, some freshly dug or picked that morning, straight from farm to kitchen for practically nothing in Pinoy terms and definitely nothing compared to the best greengrocers in Melbs.

I had been scared to go to the market by myself. Everybody told me to walk around and enjoy everything but to keep my mouth shut or else they would know I was a foreigner and immediately hike up the prices. But today my lovely friend Lala accompanied me which meant not only could she guide me through, haggle with the sellers and tell me what everything was, but I had free hands to capture some of the beautiful colour that surrounds me every minute here.


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