Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

31 May

There’s not a lot to do out in the provinces. Since the dawn of pirated movies, people don’t even bother to go to the cinema, so the cinema in this town was shut down a few years ago. Even though kids play out in the streets and down the beach, the adults are too busy working to have any spare time for recreation, except for endless lunches, dinners and snacks. Apparently people will attend the opening of a letter here if there’s a free feed involved… not unlike meetings back at FCC (although I hear with austerity measures, catered meetings are a thing of the past!). So it’s fiesta season in the Philippines, which means people, even adults, are out on the streets enjoying the free fun in droves.

Last week I was invited to periyahan, which is a month long fair-type set up with games and prizes and snacks and of course videoke. The prizes for all the various games included sardines, catsup, chips, cola and other snacks, all for a bunch of loose pesos. A couple of nights later, I was witness to one of Philippines main loves – the beauty pageant (the other love is basket ball). It was the talent portion of the Ms Gubat competition and my what an affair it was to behold! I used to be a dancer, so I have seen my fair share of tutus and tantrums, but that was nothing compared to this. Cheers for the favourites, snickers for those who went against the grain and tears at microphones that didn’t work, and the whipping out of a second talent when the first talent didn’t get much of a reaction. The coronation is this saturday night, for which I will be a judge, and yes, also a guest performer. Haven’t listened to much of pers lab yet. Wish me luck friends…


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