Sobrang ingay naman!

9 Jun

At ICO, there was one night we got way rowdy (proudly it was the only night, unlike the previous intake who are apparently mega rowdy during ICOs and just every night… Love you guys!). Ali had hooked up his laptop with some heavy trance to these massive speakers and put it up LOUD! It was around 3am and we weren’t the only people staying at the resort, so I was trying to tell the guys to turn it down because I didn’t want to disturb anybody and make enemies, but the guys said definitely don’t worry because pinoys are used to going to bed with constant noise. I thought the guys were being pretty culturally insensitive, but boy was I wrong!

Last night was a Friday night and I was doing my rooftop yoga as usual, albeit a little later than the regular schedule. Right next door is a church and then next door to that is a building similar to mine but with short stay apartments. It’s fiesta season at the moment and there are heaps of alumni homecomings around town. So on the roof across the way was a raucous reunion of around 15 middle aged men, drinking and singing karaoke loudly and proudly. When I went to bed at around 10.30, they’d given up the karaoke and had started up with the disco. I went to sleep to the smooth sounds of LMFAO “SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS EVERYBODY”… This morning I was so excited it was Saturday and before scrubbing my whole house in preparation for a 3 week houseguest, I was excited to sleep in. OH NO says Philippines, we will get you out of bed with a marching band made entirely of xylophones, followed by a jeepney decked out with sub woofers, followed by a marching band made entirely of DRUMS, as well as the intermittent alumni homecoming groups talking excitedly and wearing matching t-shirts with this years date written underneath the group name (new t-shirts every year! Yay!).

But this is out of the ordinary. The usual bed time chorus is dogs dogs and more dogs. One starts barking, then all the dogs in the world it seems join in for several minutes. They have a little water break, warm up their voices and start again. I guess the dogs have to compete with the lawnmower sound of tricy engines from 5am – 11pm everyday. Oh and I get woken up by the sound often hard broom getting swept across our balcony, which is not an unpleasant sound. It reminds me of my Lola and my Frankston home. But yes it’s another sound that hinders my sleeping in capacity.

This is why you see so many people asleep throughout the day. Tricy driver asleep across his seat, check. 2 carpenter splayed out across the municipiyo benches, you betcha. Not being able to buy a pineapple juice cos the vendor has their head down taking a snooze on her cash box, of course. Oh and don’t forget that from noon – 1pm, it is a ghost town. Every bodies gone home to catch some midday zzzs.

I love my midday zzzs. And against all odds, I’ve gotten so used to the noise I sleep with my windows open now. I am a proper pinoy now. But just to translate this post heading, “sobrang ingay naman” means “really too noisy”. And that’s the sound of life her in Gubat.



2 Responses to “Sobrang ingay naman!”

  1. journeyingjames June 26, 2012 at 7:26 pm #

    hey karen, just dropping by! it was nice to meet you over the weekend.

    • ktaraz July 6, 2012 at 9:02 am #

      you too James! where are you now? Hope I see you some time again soon!

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