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14 Aug

Excuse my absence… I spent 10 days in Manila at the new volunteers training week and was marrooned by some serious typhoon action. We’re all fine but Manila has definitely seen better days. More on those 10 days tomorrow. For now, this is what’s on my mind.

I was ranting to my guy all the worst stuff, which I also write a lot about in this blog and then all the best stuff gets posted on Facebook. He had a bit of a go at me, which I really deserved, accusing me of taking the experience I am having here for granted, complaining about all the crap when I have so so so much good stuff going on.

I am definitely not taking this experience for granted… But maybe through all the complaining about the shit stuff then all the trumpeting about the good stuff, the simple moments of gratitude I experience everyday don’t get the attention they deserve.

Yesterday I came to my new desk to see a meme my gorgeous barkadas posted on the window (see below). I walked home from work and saw my counterpart who peeled a delicious fruit I had never seen before for me to taste right there in the market. I laughed with my friend kerry over the phone for 20 minutes then countless more minutes on Facebook about all the things that can go wrong during a singing of the happy birthday song. 2 randoms stopped me on my walk home and told me to be careful of the coming typhoon. Our in country management team took a well deserved break from us one night at 10pm and spent it videokeing. My best mate sent me a picture of a bruise on his ass. My sister cuddled my cat for me and sent me a pic of it. My mum is bringing me lunch pack sized BBQ shapes. My bf is furiously trying to think of something to send me for my bday. Tricy drivers know where I live and take me there without me having to say a word. Work colleagues lend me the p8 fare when I forget my purse. And the sky is overcast and all is well in Gubat, just as I left it.

When we were at cirque du soleil on saturday, i was overcome with gratitude that I am here in Philippines volunteering, seeing so much of the country, surrounded by passionate people, meeting new friends, being inspired by the locals and immersing in my heritage. And I get to see cirque du soleil on the side! I expressed my gratitude for that moment right then but all these moments deserve more fanfare and will get them from now on. Lots of love friends xoxox



Full moons, habagat winds and present moment consciousness

1 Aug

Tomorrow night is the full moon in Philippines and right now it’s the season of habagat – not sure of the exact translation but it’s a super super windy season. This is a pretty terrible combination. Winds can make people restless and flighty and the full moon can send people a bit crazy. Case in point: today I laughed sporadically but loudly and wholeheartedly for 3 hours thinking of what often goes wrong when you’re singing the happy birthday song in a group setting.

I also did my yoga practice today while trying to self-time my camera so my teachers at home can see what I’m working with and now my back hurts. I was trying to clean up my room while texting and my fave nail polish fell on the ground, smashed and died. Before I finished cleaning this up, I decided it was a good time to find my toe ring that literally got kicked off my foot into the abyss of the end of my bed, never to be seen again. Which then meant I had to seriously clean up the nail polish mess with nail polish remover and then take off my spoilt polish. Boo-urns.

But when I rode my bike to my little restaurant (a little way on the left side just to feel at home) and I felt the wind in my face and listened to conversation grow loud then soft again as I rode past and saw flashes of street doggy eyes before they turned and waited on the side of the road until I went by, I felt truly in the present moment. I just let all this sensations come on and go just as quickly and felt truly content. Even under a full moon and with habagat winds blowing all around me, all it takes is the stillness of your own awareness to ground you.

Luckily I still have 6 nail polishes to practice my awareness on…

My rooftop yoga shala. If I didn’t have yoga, I would be pretty crazy living out here on my own