A wandering minstrel, I (we)

11 Sep

I recently switched back to a morning yoga practice to make time in the evenings to study for my online course which is apparently a 15 hour per week workload which i thought i’d be anle to squeeze in to work hours but it seems the next 3 months will be nothing like the blogging, 9gag-ing, facebooking and just randomly trolling the internet i did in the first 3 months. Also, i did it in preparation for what will soon be a 3 hour time difference between Australia and Philippines. So yes, can still he week night Skype dates for anybody interested… Anyone? Anyone?

My newly free evenings mean I get to wander the streets aimlessly at a speed of 2 kms per hour with my barkada crew after work. Oh what an especially lovely town Gubat is between 5-7pm when everybody is in the centro. We listened to the ramblings on a troubled love life from the 19 year old girl whose name we don’t know so we call Magayon who runs the lugaw (chicken soup) stall by the JVL line terminal. We went to a supermarket and argued over which pickles I should by for no reason except we had time to talk about pickles. We tasted delicious rambutan and another fruit whose name Aileen told me but I immediately forgot right in the market. And as is the way in a small town, as we walked along, we said hello to everybody we knew and got invited to a few videoke parties to boot.

I heart my little town




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