By the time you read this I will be 26

12 Sep

… Or maybe not, depending on your timezone and what time you happened to log onto this page… anyway you get the point. Tomorrow, Thursday September 13, it’s my birthday and I will be 26 years old.

I was born in the Philippines, so actually in 4 hours when it’s my birthday in Philippines it will be my actual birthday. But I am so Melbourne, I will feel like it’s my birthday in 2 hours times when it will be 13 Sept down under. My birthday wish for myself is that I spend the year continuing to learn and give love and share everything I can and see everything with fresh eyes. Hmm, I hope it comes true even though I just told you my wish….

As you may have guessed, birthdays are a big thing for me. Because I am away from you all, tomorrow I will be thinking so much about you and I am sure I will be friggin missing the hell out of you, like I have been the last week or so thinking about all the good birthday times I’ve had, not just on mine, but celebrating other’s too.

My bloody amazing AYAD friends are coming down tomorrow. Kerry will take 2 flights, a minivan and a jeepney to get here, while Tania will hitch a ride on a bus coming from Manila. Alex my rock in Legazpi is on her way on Friday and I can’t even express how grateful I am that they are coming to make sure I am not alone on what is (maybe a bit immaturely but I don’t care) my favourite day of the year.

Massive weekend planned, but I will save it for some visuals…. For now, here’s a walk down memory lane, as far as I can remember birthday venues.

25th bday at the usual place 

24th bday – Eurotrash

23rd bday – Eating meat!!! at Copacabana

22nd birthday/going away to Europe – At Eurotrash again wearing a PLEATHER dress 

And finally my 21st, the birthday I killed myself preparing for… with Sally, the best Meg Griffin ever

And hopefully not me tomorrow… poor kitty, they got him the wrong cake even though he told them several times what he wanted



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