It’s my party and I’ll get dengue fever if I want to!

18 Sep

But luckily, I didn’t want to. Instead, why don’t I just get a fever and all associated pains so bad enough that you can’t even participate in your own party? Hold on, I’ll take a step back…

So I woke up on my birthday and thought well I’m not busting a nut trying to squeeze in my mysore practice before getting to work at 8am on my birthday! So I didn’t and I woke leisurely at around 7.30am, did my practice. I desperately wanted to take myself out for breakfast but knowing that there would not be the vegan beans on toast with spinach and chutney I wanted, I settled for muesli and yoghurt and rolled into work around 10.30am. Initially, no fanfare, except a cute cat on my window.

birthday ming ming


So the tears began of course, missing home, missing cat birthday cards from Jen, missing carefully selected dirty cards from my grandma, cards saying “to karen, love from dad” from dad obviously and a card from mum telling me both what a pain in the ass and what a beacon of amazingness I am in her life…. It is a sad sad day when not only do you move into the next age box on beureaucratic forms, but you also don’t get the array of cards you’re used to.

Bittersweet tears

I had sat down at my desk and thought oh well I may as well start working when my dear friends called me into the Mayor’s office, presumably to make sure I wasn’t doing any work on my birthday and the real tears began. Gorgeous Rosalie had sympathetic tears for me, to the great fun of Aileen and Yanie. But the feeling sorry for myself tears soon turned into omg I love you guys and couldn’t be happier tears when in rolled a cake saying “Happy Birthday Karen! We love you! Meow meow meow”. The gals know me so well.

meow meow meow

In the spirit of not busting a nut on my birthday, I cooked up some mi goreng noodles and went back to work to get some productivity in before meeting the amazing Kezza in Sorsogon. Now Kezza knows how to celebrate a birthday! She joined me and my work girls for a beautiful birthday dinner at the usual place and we sat under the stars and chatted until Tania arrived on the Raymond bus from 10.30, still my birthday and the 2 girls knowing what it meant to have company on my day was the greatest present of all.

Love these guys

But no no, the best present was yet to come! As I finally got to eat my vegan breakfast, I felt that aching hair follicles and sensitive skin thing only associated with the flu… NO!!! I said to myself. We have Carabaos to milk and ride! Yes, later that day we rode carabaos, but skipped the milking and definitely the rectal palpablahblah… whatever it was it was gross. But when in Philippines!

Birthday flute solo for the patient?

By the time the Legazpi girls arrived, I was feeling proper sick, but made it through a hectic game of sunday flip. The tone was set for the game when the first card read “dildo”…. As I climbed into bed, excited for the next day, when we would be attending a tourism event with surfing, snorkelling and me teaching yoga, I asked the girls “is it cold in here?”. “not at all” they replied. Hmmmmm…. so my temperature was taken and I fell into a restless sleep knowing I had a temperature of 39.8c.

“I will teach yoga!” said I the next morning, dragging myself out of bed with a temperature of 38.7. “No!!” said my body, forcing me back into bed, leaving my friends at the beach for a day of surfing and sunburn. “I will see the band play tonight” says I and so I did get dressed for at least a birthday hour watching my favourite Sorsogeno band playing. “NO!!” says my stomach and then I became dear friends with the gutter outside the resort.

Well hot dang, I did get an exciting birthday present! Dengue! And in bed I stayed until today, when I went to get some blood tests which revealed no Karen, you do not have dengue, you just have a terrible flu that makes you feverish, achy, sensitive, makes your hair hurt, your stomach crawl, give you a terrible taste in your mouth, a red face, sore eyeballs, eye sockets and general eye area. Oh well, just as good as dengue  really, just without the label, like a good designer knockoff from Koh Samui.

Happy birthday me!


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