Bohol -not a hole

29 Sep

Maganda skanda from down under and I are currently sitting in plastic reclining deck chairs being serenaded by a three-piece guitar band playing the chicken dance… One of many great moments on what has already been a great trip.



What a reunion it was to see my best non-gal pal from back home! We picked him up from the airport in leggaz where he had made many a friend with porters and waiters and drivers and other airport personnel who, after finding out he was here to see his unmarried Filipino female friend, taught him how to say “maganda ka” (you’re beautiful) and “mahal ka na” (I love you). Oh skanda, was my response… They’ve assumed you’re a sex tourist here to visit your future wife you’ve met on What a start!



Onwards and upwards from there! Skanda laden with many a package of dive gear and a liter bottle of mr jäger (skanda: party times tomorrow night… Mr jäger says yes *makes the jäger bottle nod*) and myself with my more manageable 10kg backpack and this time only 1 extra backpack containing my sexy new iPad (thanks Dan xoxox) and my trusty old kindle got in everybody’s way on the jeepney to start the long commute to Bohol. After just a jeepney, a tricy, a flight, a cab ride, a night in Cebu, a dance walk out of resident evil 5, a shuttle bus, a ferry and a private ride van ride, we arrived at the floating restaurant on a Bohol river, to be awkboobsly played a sexy love song by a singer and even more awkboobsly dressing up in the “traditional” garb of a local river “tribe” and taught how to shoot arrows like Catniss Everdeen.


We visited the chocolate hills which some would say were amazeboobs. We learnt all about the reproductive habits of butterflies from a tour guide who succeeded every hilarious anecdote with a somehow even more hilarious anecdote about butterflies (“see this butterfly with uneven wings? It’s a ladyboy butterfly… You know, like lady gaga?). We cooed over the cutest part monkey part rat part frog part owl part bat animals, the tarsier and we headed to Bohol bee farm to spend the next 2 nights in the best hotel room I have ever seen in my entire life.



Skanda dived yesterday and when he came back to the resort, he asked me what I had done all day. “well!!!” I replied, “after you left I sat by the pool for an hour reading. Then I went to the restaurant and had a mango ginger shake. Wasn’t super hungry so I thought I’d get an hour massage. Then I had lunch overlooking the sea and read some more. After that I walked slowly around the resort to the jacuzzis where I sat for an hour, alternating between dipping in the water and reading in the sun. Then I felt tired and went up to the room for a nap, but I ended up watching half of dream girls then I rode with the driver to pick you up, eating an avocado ice cream in a cassava cone on the way”. “did you have fun?” he asked. Bah… Silly question. BEST. DAY. EVER.



One Response to “Bohol -not a hole”

  1. colgore September 30, 2012 at 5:52 am #

    Wow. That seriously sounds like an amazing day. Every one needs some rest, relaxation, and a little indulgence here and there. Enjoy the rest of your trip and have some jäger for me.

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