Maganga Skanda from down under (feels like a chunder)

4 Oct


Not another goodbye! This morning I said goodbye to my holiday and my dear friend Skanda after an amazeboobin’ holiday in Cebu, Bohol and Malapascua. I am happy to be home after so many hours in transit every couple of days, but I miss Skanda already and laughing with him many many minutes over 10 days made me super homesick for my friends at home. Weird I know, considering I was surrounded by white sand, unbelievably clear waters and delicious vegetarian food, but that is the tyranny of homesickness unfortunately.

But way way way more good than bad! My highlights? So many hilarious and awesome moments but here are a few:

  • Learning about butterflies reproductive systems and habits in Bohol
  • The Mr Bean movie coming on tv at Bohol Bee Farm after an already amazing day
  • The opening number of the CPDRC dance program “do the hustle”, then many amazing dance numbers including of course GANGNAM STYLE
  • Following the lights in Cebu near Ayala to a “KTV” bar, which was actually a titty bar with a midget dressed as Robin Hood on the door
  • Our triumphant return to the club after getting kicked out for Skanda wearing shorts and thongs, this time with slick jeans and lace up shoes
  • Sitting on a guys lap in a club because I didn’t see him there, him throwing me violently off him
  • Arriving at Evolution beach resort after a massively seedy, long, hustling trip to Malapascua from Cebu to paradise and a vegetarian menu
  • Learning about shrimps hitching rides with sea cucumbers and fish contracting lobsters to build burrows for them (hung out with too many divers)
  • Constantly referring to things as “mr” or “this guy”, especially mr jager and his friend mr coke. Related, reminiscing Michael Bluth and George Michael Bluth and their Mr Manager dialogue….
  • And the look on Skanda’s face after he got sunburnt, somehow, yet again, every time.

Oh maganda Skanda, real good times my friend. So sad to say goodbye !

It was weird to come home to my silent apartment after 10 days of constant stimulus in the form of free wifi and cable tv and jeepney routes and restaurants and hustlers and malls…. but the peace came to an end when my downstairs corner store started playin techno remixes of popular christmas carols at the end of my yoga practice. Apparently it’s Christmas already?




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