30, 33 and 37 going on 13

13 Oct

Just got back from an epic 8 hours of 3 way joint birthday party fun at a private cold springs on the mt bulusan, the volcano near my town.

My friend Aileen at work invited me along for her birthday and since it was 3 way joint they hired a jeepney, cooked up a picnic to feed a small army (new Zealand maybe) and bought literally a keg of cheese flavored coconut milk ice cream.

We spent the day eating, swimming, eating, playing charades, eating, face painting, eating, hanging out and eating on the way home. A game called rape-rapan was suggested, where players simulate, in a somehow playful way, rape. So glad it didn’t get picked up.

Had such a fun day eating the vego food they had so carefully prepared for me and enjoying hanging out with Aileen’s friends who are so Gubat, so Filipino and so joyful. Top-loaded on the jeep home so if I wasn’t already full before, I definitely am now after consuming god knows how many bugs every time I opened my mouth to say something.









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