A slightly tardy 6 month digest

30 Oct

If only Philippines could take me out for a romantic 6 month anniversary and a walk on the beach! Alas, it can’t, nor could the entire population of the country, region, town or even my work so I will celebrate my adventure and toast to my own achievement by the best way I know how. Actually, I am also quite good at yoga, but I think it might be a little limiting to express how I’m feeling through asanas… I’ll stick with a blog post (for now…. Challenge accepted for later)

This post is a week late because in truth I have been thinking a lot about what I would write to give even the smallest semblance of an account of what I have been through in the last 6 months. For my awesome readers who I am sure consume a lot of content on the Internet, I have decided to reflect on these 3 months in themes: work, home, play and love. I have also decided to set a challenge for myself, and limit each theme to 1 sentence lang as I am known to be overly articulate… Who me?


I work with an organization that really needs my knowledge and skills and are grateful for everything I share with them and engage with people who know how to see through the eyes of their fellow man and know more than just what is happening in their own private world.


In 5 by 10 beautiful square meters, I get to do all the things that nurture me with only my gecko housemates to bare witness in my otherwise overexposed, celebrity life here


When else have I had the opportunity to choose between spending the whole weekend reading in bed or jumping on a minivan, ferry or plane for a mini-vacay, all complemented by the odd beauty pageant judging spot, dance performance, videoke afternoon or face painting birthday party?


(sorry but this theme requires more than one sentence)

I may be alone, but have never felt more love in my life. Yes in the conventional sense, feeling love from all my people back home who miss but support me, the volunteer community who are always there for me and from the Gubatnons who love having an Ausnoy volunteer in the hood. But also in my own love for Filipinos, the environment, the culture and history, love from feeling endless gratitude for having this opportunity and for the love I am able to give myself whenever I need it. When you’re physically alone, you realize the truth in the phrase “everything you need comes from within you”… You can’t rely rely on anyone else from minute to minute and you realize you do don’t need to.

So now I have more months behind me than ahead of me… The biggest change I have felt in myself is that it no longer scares me and I welcome it with super tanned arms!



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