Darwin – it’s actually not that bad!

10 Dec

I’m back in the office after a week off work in the top end of Australia. Spent the week enveloped in 90% humidity and beardy love with beautiful guy. My bare feet stood in Australian grass and I heard familiar phrases like “any cash?” and I ate vegetarian food and cooked in a kitchen with a 4 burner stove and washed dishes where hot water came straight from the tap.

Dan and I

Dan and I

We drank a lot and walked way too much in the afternoon sun and spent time hanging out with each others friends and many hours up in bed talking about who knows what well into the morning.


Can’t really say much more except that it was easily one of the best week’s of my life.

jumping croc at adelaide river

Unlike last time I said goodbye to my guy, the tears only lasted a few minutes while saying goodbye. I’ll be seeing him again in just a few months for more than a week of nightmoves. And after all the love of the week, was way to be happy to be sad saying see you soon.

It also helped that when I came back to Philippines, I was greeted by a familiar face at the airport who travelled with me all the way to Bicol, the temperature was a soothing high 20s and people mam’d me all day. I spent the weekend at awesome events to say the first goodbyes to intake 33 and remembering all the things I love about Philippines, like top-loading jeeps, squash cooked in coconut milk, kids waving at us flying down the highway at super speeds, volcanoes and waterfalls… and of course my bachelor pad in Gubat.

volunteers gone wild


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