Here comes the rain again

10 Jan


It’s super raining in beautiful Gubat right now. The third day of super rain since I’ve got back, although it’s been generally raining everyday.

At 4.30 there was a brownout, so I left the office to get some supplies for a couple of surprise birthday craft projects I am working on (hopefully neither of the recipients reads this post) and I finished stage 1 of crafternoon and it’s only 4.52pm.

I’ve sat down to do one of my favorite activities in the world: read. Up there in faves are yoga of course, surfing, floating in the sea, laughing loud and long with friends in cafes and restaurants, writing, picnics, cuddling with my love, kissing my cats head, cooking, eating, watching people cook for me, playing Sunday flip and trying to remember movies actors have starred in while watching them in a movie presently. There might be more, but that’s all I can think of right now.

I’m currently reading saltwater Buddha by jamail yogis, a book about zen and surfing, and the handy feature on the kindle is telling me I’m 54% in after reading for 3 hours. On Tuesday, I read (and bawled openly and loudly over from around 40%) the fault in our stars by john green in 4 hours.

conversely, I started reading the song of ice and fire series in August and only just on Monday did I finish book 4. George R. R Martin is my frenemy – what a story he tells but what hard work for someone who never reads this genre to read. Why say breakfast when you could say “break my fast”, or uncle when you can say nuncle (old timey language for mine uncle) and why say you got your period when you could say I am now a woman flowered. So… As u can tell, frenemy.

Oh I’ll read book 5, but I’ll try and read 4 books I’ve had on my to read list before I get swept up in it. Then I’ll rage over the current lack of book 6 and fear the death of dear George before he can finish penning book 7. What a gift to write such compelling fiction.

So I thought, just for my own fun, I’d share all the books I’ve read during my volunteer year that took me to a different place, which you sometimes need when times get tough. Hopefully you’ll find something you like!

Illustrado – miguel syjuco
Never let me go – kazuo Ishiguro
A thousand splendid suns – Khalid hosseini
The great gatsby – f. Scott Fitzgerald
The hunger games trilogy – Suzanne Collins
The eyre affair: a Thursday next novel – jasper fforde
Atlas shrugged – Ayn rand (another corker that took me several weeks to finish. Have you seen the size of that thing?)
Eating animals – Jonathan saffran foer
Pacific rims – rafe bartholemew
The fault in our stars – John green
Currently reading saltwater Buddha – jamail yogis

And yes of course, 4 song of ice as fire books and one more to go.

Looking at this pathetic list I realize how much the song of ice and fire books have bloody well consumed me. I swear, heaps of those books I read in like 2 days, just Martin writing in a different language and introducing 7 new characters every time he kills one off and rand explaining every minuscule detail of the rail business held me back!

On my current to read list before reading book 5…

Brave new world – aldous Huxley
The omnivore’s dilemma – Michael pollen
On the road – jack Kerouac


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